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Microsoft 365 Licensing

Licensing in Office 365 is often a confusing topic.What license(s) do you need? How do they work? What is the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365?If you are still not sure after reading this, then please talk to us to figure out which plans will work best for your business needs. License Types There are two different types of licenses. These are known as per seat and per device. Per Device Licenses These are a single license that…

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Audit Logs in Microsoft 365

Why you should be using Office 365 Audit Logs Office 365 Audit logs let you know who has access to your information and what they are doing with it. The Audit logs capture activities in Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer, PowerBI, Sway, and Azure Active Directory. Once it’s turned on, it records almost every major action you can think of including Office 365 logins, viewing documents, downloading documents, sharing documents, setting changes, and password resets (a full list can be found here).  In addition to recording actions, you can…

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MFA in Microsoft 365

Multi-Factor Authentication in O365 What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? Sometimes known as Two Factor Authentication, MFA is a secure method of verifying that it is really you and acts as an extra security layer if your password is hacked. Examples are: SMS code to your Phone, code to your email address or a code via an APP on your phone. It’s easy to setup and free with Office 365. Why should I use it? Our accounts and IT systems…

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