Office 365

Moving to Office 365?

We can help you move your email and documents to the cloud. If you have an Exchange server, Gmail or other type of email service, we can migrate your email to O365 with a minimum of downtime and disruption. We can also setup a hybrid environment that uses your local exchange server and Office 365 Cloud email.

Moving Documents to One Drive can be a painful learning experience. We can advise on the best migration method and help train your staff in the use of One Drive and all the Office 365 applications to help provide a better working environment.

Want to make the most of Sharepoint, One Drive, One Note, Power Apps and more?

Making the most of Sharepoint and the other Office 365 applications requires committment from all staff to embrace the new technology. This can be difficult when the staff don’t know what each application does, how it can benefit them or the best way to use each application.

We can discuss your business requirements and suggest the best way that Office 365 and applications can be used for your business. We can also create applications that are tailored to your business, if no existing application can do the job.

Some things that Sharepoint and applications can do include;

  • A central point for all company policies and procedures
  • Using One Note to keep detailed notes on customers, so that all staff can access them
  • Using One Drive as a central store for all shared documents
  • Providing an app to approve leave, notify when sick, request stationary or other equipment
  • Having a calendar to enable the booking out and tracking of equipment
  • Centralised staff rosters
  • Much, much more ……