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Clever Clients

What are “Clever Clients”?

Clever Clients are cheap mini computers with our own designed software. They have built in wireless and ethernet, 4 x USB, HDMI for a monitor or small screen (touch screen is an option). They have a built in browser to connect to the Internet and can be customised and programmed to do lots and lots of things. They replace a complex computer with an easy to use and maintain, customised mini computer.

They are perfect for;

  • Connecting to a remote desktop server (terminal server), replacing traditional Windows computers for a fraction of the setup and maintenance cost.
  • Kiosk setups that for trade shows and the like. Collect information from customers, Show information, or provide training with a secure, easily setup and maintained device.
  • Driving television or monitor displays to show web content, movies etc. They’re small and discreet, yet powerful.
  • Check-in systems with barcode readers / touch screens. They can be used to automate many tasks and integrate with other IT systems.
  • As a cheap computer or “Internet of Things (IoT)” device. Communicate to and from the device over the Internet.
  • As a monitor for temperature, humidity, movement and lots of other sensory tasks. Log and Alert via email, SMS or mobile app notification.
  • Connect a camera to use for monitoring and send alerts or create a log when there is movement.
  • Connect an LCD display to use as a ticker tape display, time, share price etc.

We have developed a device that is robust and reliable, yet affordable and flexible.

For more info and pricing (starts at around $300), please give a call.