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We have been providing professional IT support and consulting for a vast range of small to medium businesses around Sydney since 1996. We are experts in most day to day software and hardware and know how a business’s IT infrastructure should work. We can provide server, PC and MAC hardware, setup your staff to work remotely, setup office to office connections or create a customised database to handle all your requirements.

Regular Maintenance

Our regular maintenance plans help keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and securely. We do a regular audit on all your IT equipment and install the latest patches, security fixes and updates. We also check to make sure there are no viruses, spyware or trojan's in your computers and server and help to keep it that way.

We do weekly checks on your server backup systems, monitor server problems and performance and ensure your systems are performing at their best

The regular maintenance plans are designed to find problems before they occur, or become larger. Our Quarterly Maintenance Plan provides an audit every 3 months and you get 1/2 hour of on-site support free per PC covered under the plan. We can also perform an ad-hoc maintenance, without the included hours.

Our Unlimited Support Plan gives you UNLIMITED support for a FIXED monthly price, based on the number of computers and servers you have. Includes Cloud backup, Anti-virus and Anti-spam from just $400 p/mth.

Call us Today on 02 9634 3233 to find out more information on our regular maintenance plans

Partners with MYOB and Microsoft

We are Microsoft and MYOB partners, have experience with ACT and a wide range of security and anti-virus applications.


Small Business Server

We are Microsoft Small Business Server specialists and can setup your small business to function like a multi-national for very little cost. Remote access to files and email, email, calendar and contact synchronisation on your phone, shared files, email, calendar and contacts are all part of what Small Business Server can do for you.


Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions are vitally important. Without a functioning backup solution, your business is vulnerable to theft or disaster. We can provide a disaster recovery plan for you.

We also do Regular Backup Checks as part of our Regular Maintenance Plans, or we can check the backups every week for a set fee.


On Site Support

We can be on-site within 6 working hours to solve your critical, or not so critical problem. We will then explain the problem and ensure it doesn't happen again. We can also remotely access your computer, as though we were on-site and you can see what we are doing to solve the problem.


Phone Support

Call us and we will try and solve your problem over the phone. If we need to come on-site we will be there within 6 working hours to get you working again. We can also remotely access your computer, as though we were on-site and you can see what we are doing to solve the problem. Phone Support is FREE to Regular Maintenance Customers (max 15 minutes)


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