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CleverPay is our SECURE, ONLINE web payment gateway. It is secured with a 128 bit encrypted certificate from Geotrust. Cleverpay is used by a number of our online customers to get online payment from customers via their credit card. Payment go directly into the website owners bank account and can be reconciled via an online tracking facility.

We use SecurePay to perform the bank transaction. NO credit card details are stored on the website, as this leaves you open to credit card fraud and liability for damages. CleverPay makes it easy for you to setup and manage online transactions, including reversals and refunds, reconciliation with your bank account and viewing sales history. Use CleverPay to simplify and secure your online transactions.


CleverCMS is our Content Management System. It allows us to develop websites that can be modified by you via an easy to use online interface. All the controls you use to modify your website are like the ones you find in Microsoft Word.

It also allows you to:
  • Manage Content on your site
  • Manage Title tags and Meta Tags, used for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Manage Google Analytics code
  • Upload images and PDF’s using CleverUP
  • Manage users / shoppers
  • View Invoices
  • Manage product groups
  • Manage products and prices

As we built CleverCMS from the ground up, it is completely customisable and can be tailored to meet your exact needs. CleverCMS is the backbone to our quick and cost effective website development process. It gives you the power to control your website and allows us to build the perfect website for you.

Call us for a demonstration.


CleverUp is a tool designed by Pretty Clever Consulting to make uploading and managing your images and PDF’s easy. It can

  • Re-size images on the fly
  • Provides a progress bar for uploads
  • Upload multiple files at once

CleverUp is standard in all our Content Managed Websites and can be easily added to other websites on request.CleverUp is another clever website tool by Pretty Clever Consulting.

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