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When did you last check your backup

post by Tony Hogan - 16/2/2012


The most dreaded support call of all is – ‘Our server has been stolen and we don’t know when the last good backup was’.

Trying to work out how you keep going when all your data, emails, MYOB, pictures, etc have all been lost, is a business owners nightmare. We all know this, but here’s a couple of ways to ensure your backups are all OK.
1. Check your backups regularly, or get us to check them for you.
2. Backup automatically to a remote location via the Internet (cloud backup) as well as your on-site backup
3. Have multiple on-site backup drives and keep one off-site, swapping them daily or weekly

Weekly Backup checks
Our Regular maintenance plans have been available for some time now, but we are now introducing a ‘Weekly backup check’ for customers who are not on the regular maintenance plan and want to have peace of mind that their backups are all OK. Regular Maintenance Plan customers automatically get this service.

We do the following every week;

  • - Weekly check of the backup to ensure the backups are working
  • - If it didn’t work, find out why and rectify
  • - Monitor backup space and usage, to ensure the backup doesn’t run out of space
  • - Costs just $286 per quarter or $22 per week inc GST.

Call for more information or to start your weekly backup check.

Cloud Backup with - just $75 per year
We’ve partnered with to provide you with Cloud Backup at an unbelievable price. Cloud backup allows you to backup all your important files to a server through the Internet. In this case the server is based in the US. For just $75 per year, per computer, you get unlimited backup to a Secure server in the united States.

You can backup pictures, documents, email etc. All your files are password protected, easy to restore and easy to identify if they have been backed up or not. You can backup your server, PC’s or Mac’s. It’s easy to setup, or get us to do it for you*. You can restore your files any time, onto any computer. Multiple versions of files are kept, so if you overwrite a file, you can still get it back. This is ideal for MYOB backups or for computers that are storing important files. The backups are all done automatically in the background. You don’t have to remember to swap drives or tapes.

You don’t need a fast Internet connection, but the initial backup can take a number of days. You also need to ensure your Internet plan has enough data to cope with the amount you’re backing up. Once the initial backup is done, it only backs up changes that are made.

We advise you to use the cloud backup in conjunction with a standard hard drive backup, so you have multiple backup locations. A hard drive backup also allows you to get fast access to all your data in case of a major disaster.

Please email me if you would like to start a weekly backup check, or if you want more information.

Thanks, Tony

    *There will be a small call out fee for on-site cloud backup setups – if required 

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