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Fake Emails infect computers with Malware

post by Ryan Way - 30/9/2011


Potentially malicious spam emails are circulating about the ATO and Australia Post.

What is the problem?

Various spam emails are circulating which are designed to infect your computer with a program (malware) that could steal your passwords and other personal information (identity theft).

The subject lines of the email include, but are not limited to:

  • Attention for the ABN owners
  • Australian Taxation Office New rules
  • Error in the delivery address ...
  • Delivery Problem ...
  • Track your shipment ...
  • AusPost Cancellation of the package delivery
  • AusPost Delivery information

The emails contain a link to a malicious website which should not be visited. Some anti-virus software may not yet detect the website as malicious or the malware that the website attempts to install. Note. Avast is now picking up these viruses.

What we recommend you do:

If you receive an email similar to the above emails, do not visit the website in the email. Delete the email straight away. If you have already clicked on the link, it is quite possible your computer may now be infected. It is recommended you contact us immediately in helping detect and remove the malware. Make sure you have anti-virus software installed and keep it updated.

If you are getting popups that suggest your computer is infected and directing you to purchase the software - DON'T. They will take your money but not remove the virus.


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